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Civil Aviation Department Under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office (External Communication Division)

AIP Circular

AIP Circulars
Circulars Download version
AIC NR /Year
03/03 Insurance Cover for War and Hijacking (pdf, 17 KB)
08/03 Security of The Flight Crew Compartment (pdf, 49 KB)
05/05 Establishment of Alert Areas within Mauritius FIR (pdf, 58 KB)
06/05 Pilot-in-Command under Supervision - Conditions for Credit Towards Flying Licence requirements (pdf, 48 KB)
08/06 AFI GMU Height Monitoring service (pdf, 28 KB)
03/09 Establishment of Restricted Area at Mon Loisir for Skydiving / Parachute Jumping Sport Activities. (word, 214 KB)
04/10 Mauritius Flight Information Region - Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Limited-VSAT Charges (pdf, 209 KB)
01/12 Changes to the ICAO model flight plan form and ATS messages (word, 69 KB)
02/12 Notice of proposed revision of air navigation charges by the Mauritius Department of Civil Aviation (pdf, 140 KB)
05/12 Prevention of Illegal Entry of Pets at SSR International Airport (pdf, 209 KB)
​02/14 ​IFR Approval to use RNAV (GNSS) Approach procedures in the Republic of Mauritius
(pdf, 23 kb)
​04/14 ​Operation of Private/General Aviation flights to Mauritius - Control of Firearms and Restricted Items
(pdf 172 KB)
07/14​​ Change of Website Address​​ (pdf 222 KB)
​04/17 ​Provision of operational contact details of aircraft operators (pdf, 59KB)
02/18​ Processing of Applications for Private Flight Clearance​ (pdf. 229KB)​
03/18​ Checklist of Aeronautical Information Circulars​​ (pdf, 162 KB)
​01/19 Public Holidays for 2020

(word, 60 KB)

​02/19 ​Publication of "AIP Supplements and AIP Amendments to AIP Mauritius for year 2020

AIC 02 - 19 AIRAC dates.pdf

​03/19 ​Prevention of the introduction of white grubs in the Republic of Mauritius

AIC 03 - 19 White Grubs.pdf 

​01/20 ​Checklist of AIC 01-20 Checklist



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