IT Security Unit

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The IT Security Unit (ITSU) was established and staffed in August 2004 under the aegis of the Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation to act as a key contact point for IT Security in Government.
ITSU’s vision, mission and objectives are in line with the mission of the Ministry of Information ​Technology, Communication and Innovation (MITCI) to provide the right environment for the harnessing of Information and Communication Technologies.


To be the key facilitator in ensuring that Information Systems in Government are secure



To disseminate knowledge on Information Security, promote the implementation of Information Security standards and establish IT security practices within Government

·   To implement Government policies with regard to IT Security
·   To assist Ministries/Departments in the implementation of security standards
·   To disseminate information on IT security
·   To carry out security audits


The IT Security Unit provides its services along the following lines:
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IT Security Unit

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