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Requirements for No Objection Certificate from Department of Civil Aviation for the Construction of New Buildings/Structures in the Vicinity of SSR International Airport


The Department of Civil Aviation is responsible, amongst others, for the control of height of buildings/structures in the vicinity of the airport in order to ensure safety of aircraft operations.

The Grand Port Savanne Outline Planning Scheme 2006, as amended, issued under the Town and Country Planning Act 1954, requires that a “No Objection Certificate” should be obtained from the Director of Civil Aviation for new buildings and structures in the vicinity of SSR International Airport.

The “No Objection Certificate” which is issued by the Director of Civil Aviation, solely addresses the aspect regarding safety of aircraft operation by ensuring that the height of buildings or structures in the vicinity of an SSR International Airport, do not protrude the obstacle limitation surfaces based on ICAO requirements as prescribed in the Grand Port Savanne Outline Planning Scheme 2006, as amended, and the height of buildings/structures are in line with the Plaisance Airport (Building Restrictions) Act 1964. The “No Objection Certificate” does not take into consideration other criteria e.g. environment, health etc.                    

In order to assess the impact of the proposed construction on the safety of aircraft operations, the following information needs to be submitted to the Department of Civil Aviation:


a)               location plan of proposed construction in relation with the airport;


b)               height of building above ground level;


c)               height of terrain above mean sea level; and


d)               the X and Y distances of the site as illustrated in the attached drawing i.e. the distance of the site from the threshold of Runway 14 measured along the extended centre line (X distance) and the perpendicular distance of the site from the extended runway centre line (Y distance) OR the coordinates of the site in the Clarke National Grid format (Easting(m) and Northing(m)).


The above information should be certified by an approved land surveyor.



Letter to be addressed to:


Director of Civil Aviation

Department of Civil Aviation

SSR International Airport

Plaine Magnien


Email :

Fax : 6373164​